Health & Well-being


The Office of Health Services’ primary goal is to promote optimal health for all students of Enderun Colleges by consistent delivery of excellent medical care and preventive education that enables them to take responsibility for their own health. Fostering an environment in which high priority is given to personal health and well-being supports the overall commitment of the school to help them reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

Services Provided:
Office of Health Services provides accessible individualized health service, primary urgent care (i.e, care of minor injuries and illnesses), medical care, consultations, and referrals to appropriate health care facilities. It is also the key source of accurate and timely information about personal and community health, disease, and prevention. Other services provided are administration of vaccinations, assistance in the medical requirements for new students, student athletes and students going for internship.

Guidance Office

Enderun’s Academic Success Program reflects an ongoing commitment to practical innovation, measurable results and student empowerment. The Center allow students to develop a sense of belonging and helps promote the school as a safe haven for students. The Guidance Center provides a broad range of highly effective services to students experiencing personal, academic and relationship-related concerns. The guidance center offers a   range of counselling services to students experiencing personal, academic and relationship-related concerns. The office facilitates student profiling and evaluation, as well as career advising to registered Enderun students.

The Academic Success Center monitors academic progress, attendance and behavioral concerns. Its key tasks are to monitor and track student’s performance, identify the various causes and apply the necessary intervention in order to prevent the near occasion of attrition. The ASC facilitates dialogue and consultation with teachers and students through the Academic Success Tutorials, mini workshops focusing on coping skills and personal life skills.  To achieve the learning outcomes which are the common core standards and program-specific standards, students are expected to maintain commitments to academic achievement, self-reflection and personal growth, and ethical and professional behavior.

ASC Primary Mandates

  1. The ASC has the right to conduct confidential meetings with students, parents or third-party groups and will act as the representative of Enderun Colleges during these encounters.
  2. The ASC has the right to intervene any student and academic activity including class disruptions to conduct ASC activities, postponement of school events and quarantining students for a certain period. However, this right should be duly sanctioned by the senior management of Enderun Colleges.
  3. The ASC has the right to keep confidential documents related to a student; however, all other documents must be kept in the student’s registrar files.
  4. The following are ASC’s main objectives:
    1. provide an avenue for students to seek guidance and counselling especially those related to the school
    2. monitor, analyze and minimize attrition by providing proactive services and strategies before any actual attrition occurs
  5. The ASC will conduct guidance services related to personality development, habit and core value development, career development, guidance testing and other services.

ASC Services

The objective of the Guidance Center through their different services is to help students;

  • Examine their inclinations and personality
  • Evaluate their emotional maturity and social adjustments
  • Provide teachers and counselors vital information on abilities and need areas of students
  • Get direction towards a more fitting career
    • Student Intake Interview
    • Counseling
    • Testing
    • Needs Assessment
    • Follow-up Counseling Sessions
    • Attrition Control
    • Career Guidance
    • Referral
    • Life Skills Workshop
    • Academic Success Center
    • Peer Facilitation

Operating hours
Monday – Friday, 8:30 to 5:00pm. Staffed with a licensed Guidance Counselor and ASC Associate