A Guide on Entrepreneurship Programs Among the Schools in the Philippines

There is a common phrase that states, “Anybody can be a businessman”.

Thanks to the numerous Entrepreneurship schools around the Philippines, achieving the essence of that phrase has been made possible than before. Though that phrase may be technically true, successfully starting up a business and maintaining the operation would require necessary knowledge and skills.

More often than not, the needed knowledge and skills are not easily acquired without formal education.

Luckily, there are numerous Entrepreneurship schools in the Philippines that are ready to lend a helping hand to aspiring entrepreneurs. Plus, the wisdom and insights they provide are more than enough to guarantee total enlightenment on this particular business aspect.

This article contains everything you need to know about entrepreneurship from its nature up to the career opportunities that Entrepreneurship degree holders could choose from. If you want to know more about “Entrepreneurship” as a college program, then keep on reading.




What does “Entrepreneurship” mean?

As a concept in the field of economics, entrepreneurship is the effort to manage the different business aspects such as labor, land, capital, and natural resources to generate profit.

While in layman’s term, entrepreneurship is regarded as the capability and zeal to work hard on developing and manage any type of business.

Entrepreneurship is not merely about founding a business for the sake of profit. It is the execution of innovative ideas that are centered on improving various social concerns.


The Role that Entrepreneurs Play

These are the people that bring their concepts and ideas to life, and executes the possible risk putting up a business of their own.  Even though the nature of entrepreneurship is essentially related to forming a business, individuals do not necessarily have to open up a business to be called entrepreneurs. In fact, individuals who began their freelancing job can be considered as entrepreneurs.


People who begin their Entrepreneurial venture do so for various reasons.

Starting up a business can be tough and the uncertainty of the outcome can be intimidating, which is why entrepreneurs are those individuals who are known for being both ambitious and risk takers. Entrepreneurs are those who see the risk of putting up a business as an uncharted field that is waiting to be explored. To them, the risk is worth the glory afterward because there is no limit to the level of success that they can reach.

More often than not, entrepreneurs are usually individuals who are uncomfortable or feel restricted with the idea of having to work under a boss. These individuals prefer to be their own boss and reach success on their own terms and have more control.

Another aspect that entrepreneurs consider is none other than time. Being an entrepreneur means that working hours are flexible and the scheduling of activities are mostly in their control.  Parents who are entrepreneurs can allot more free time for their children since their daily tasks are in their hands. Similarly, a student who has a small business can have more time for studying compared to having a part-time job.


Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Just like in any career, there are specific traits that an individual must possess in order to be successful as an entrepreneur, such as:



Not only is it difficult to manage a business, there are moments when the situation is awful that quitting seems to be the only option. Successful entrepreneurs also met situations like those, yet they pushed through and remained strong until the situation was dealt with.


Has a vision

An individual can have the determination and all of the needed skills to be a successful business, but if that person does not have a vision then those skills are futile.



In order for the business to successfully jump-start its operation and eventually maintain a system, an entrepreneur must resourceful and a competent problem solver. Problems and setbacks in a business are inevitable, may it be an external or internal concern, it is important for it to be resolved. At the same time, an entrepreneur must know where to acquire the needed resources no matter what the situation A person’s vision does not only act as a fuel to start and continue on with the endeavor, it is also the source of the entire undertaking.


Courses to Take Up

Various schools in the Philippines have Entrepreneurship as a program option.

These schools in the Philippines with Entrepreneurship programs have various courses that teach aspiring entrepreneurs the essential knowledge and needed skills. When it comes to this, some courses teach the needed soft skills while the other classes focus on the more technical concepts to learn.

Nonetheless, there are also certain skills to be met when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Here are some of the best examples of such:


Writing and Speaking in English

Here in the Philippines, the English language is the prevalent medium of communication in a work setting, may it be in a corporate situation or not. In order to successfully deliver a pitch, entrepreneurs should have a great command of the language.

Consistent communication between the entrepreneur and the client is crucial in maintaining an impeccable customer relation and that can easily be achieved through written communication. Such are the reasons why it is essential to further enhance the skills of the student is speaking and writing using the English language.


Speaking and Writing in Filipino

Even though the English language is commonly used for work-related conversations, it also essential for entrepreneurs to know how to utilize the Filipino language for conversational and research settings. Knowing how to write using the Filipino language specifically for formal writing is just as important as knowing how to formally speak in the Filipino language.


Environmental Science

Generally speaking, such a degree program would cover the various principles related to ecology and its components. Among all of the various discussed for this course, the different roles of all life forms hold the most relevance to the program.

Through such matter, the relationship of man with nature is taught to future entrepreneurs. Doing so establishes the truth about the environment’s current situation which could yield possible solutions from the students who are environmentally concerned.


General Psychology

As this course tackles the various emotional conditions and mental state of individuals, such focuses can aid in assessing future clients thus making it easier to fabricate marketing strategies.


Basic Computer

Basically, entrepreneurs represent themselves and their brand through various ways and one important key to a favorable representation is through superior quality documents. Such standards can be achieved through mastery of software on word processing, presentation, and even spreadsheet.


Basic Statistics

Future entrepreneurs should know how to make quantitative decisions for the business. But unlike the typical statistic concepts, this centers on the business application of the various statistical principles, with the various practical applications of inferential statistics consist of actual business data.


Basic Business Math

In every specific field, there are technical jargons that people need to be familiar with. In this particular course, the students under its stead will be introduced with the fundamental concepts of business management. At the same time, the students will develop their problem-solving skills and analytical thinking in regards to financial and business decisions.

These crucial concepts include topics focused on the basics of simple and compound interests, annuities, sinking funds, perpetuity, business loans, and even the time value of money.


Human Behavior

Despite the lack of an official corporate setting, future entrepreneurs still need to learn how to work around varying personalities of people. Addressing such concerns could extremely help in managerial aspects such as proper and effective leadership and employee motivation are taught.

Aside from the theoretical aspect of these concepts, application for such situational conditions, as well as a basic understanding of general psychology (as mentioned before) are also taught.


 Principles of Management

There are other facets of a business that needs directing.

For instance, the various principles to be discussed in this course will revolve around managing the organization, hiring of staff, directing, and even the different stages of planning. Even the management of personnel such as training, human resourcing, motivation, task delegation, and most especially conflict resolution are taught.

Not only are these concepts to be discussed, various situational examples are also provided for the future application.      


Principles of Marketing

The various theoretical models taught in this course applies to the four primary elements of marketing which are the product, price, people, and promotion.

Concepts and principles are not the only things taught, but also their application to different industries.

With the dynamic nature of society, it is important for future entrepreneurs to develop a mindset and critical eye to possible compelling strategies for marketing.


Principles of Accounting

It is essential for every business to have a record of all financial matters which is why knowing the basics of bookkeeping is an essential skill an entrepreneur should acquire.

All of the necessary terminologies and principles and even the common system of operation is taught in this specific course.

More importantly, fundamental concepts such as basic bookkeeping, accounting theories, documentation, financial reporting, and financial statements are taught.

Teaching such concepts also involves the application or computation of the different principles.


Business Communication

When it comes to business transactions, there are plenty of different ways to communicate with other individuals, particularly through oral and written means. With that said, this course will cover the proper execution of oral and written communication in a business setting.

In addition to this, the different technological means of communication are also tackled, such as emails, phone calls, business letters, and even through modern means such as Social Media.


Management Information Systems

Managing the various aspects of a business is easier and faster through the use of technology. It is essential that the various software and computer operating systems intended for managing a business are taught to and mastered by the students.

Common applications used focuses on the different business functions like resource planning, accounting, and data processing.


Career Options

Career Options

The numerous entrepreneurship schools in the Philippines offer a highly versatile program for the aspiring entrepreneurs under their stead. The various courses incorporated in this program equips the students with the necessary knowledge to set up and continuously manage a business. At the same time, the students are also skilled enough to operate well even in an office setup.

Plus, with the degree program in tow, there are also numerous office positions that would be well suited for graduates of an entrepreneurship program, such as the following lines of work:


Business Management

Not only can the Philippine entrepreneurship schools equip the students with the needed knowledge and skills to be an entrepreneur, they can also do so with leadership skills.

With an extensive training with regards to effective leadership paired with great attention to detail in terms of planning and directing, this job position is a perfect fit for graduates of entrepreneurship.


Human Resources Management

With the different courses focused on the behavior, mentality, and management of personnel, a Human Resource Manager position would be a great option.

This job position is even more so fitting for those graduates who have a special talent of being able to motivate other people, as well as being able to read them and determine what they can contribute to the company when employed. In short, these are for the entrepreneurs who have a great sense of judgement.



With an extensive background in managing a business, a graduate of any entrepreneurship school of the Philippines would function well as a sale’s personnel.

This job position mainly represents the company to possible clients. Accounts management is also a key task involved with the position.


Business Consultant

Entrepreneurs can also be considered as problem solvers which is why this job can easily be handled by entrepreneurship graduates.

Part of the training that schools with entrepreneurship course in the Philippines provide are analyzing situations. The problems with these situations are identified and given a resolution.


Research and Development

The schools in the Philippines with Entrepreneurship programs prepares and equips the students with the essential knowledge regarding the various procedures and concepts in the field of business.

Research in the field of business is better understood, analyzed, and interpreted by individuals who have a substantial knowledge and exposure to the business industry.


Business Reporter

Reporting news specifically about the business field would require in-depth knowledge of the fundamental concepts and principles of the industry.

Such knowledge can surely be provided by the different schools in the Philippines that provide Entrepreneurship program.

In addition, graduates of entrepreneurship can easily relay the news and explain the situation in a manner that can be easily understood by the crowd.


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