13 Dec Enderun SHS students can earn college credits

Senior High School (SHS) students of Enderun Colleges can earn college credits through the AP (Advancement Placement) Capstone Diploma Program — a two-year diploma program that gives students the opportunity to take college-level classes in Grades 11 and 12. Read article on Daily Tribune....

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27 Nov Enderun Colleges joins the Hult Prize

The Hult Prize at Enderun Colleges takes the idea of experiential learning to new heights by honing both practical and professional skills of the students while simultaneously encouraging societal awareness and responsibility. Read article on Tech and Lifestyle Journal....

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Hybrid Learning

10 Nov Benefits of Hybrid Learning in the Time of Pandemic

Even before COVID-19 transpired globally, several educational models have already been created and implemented to align the learning process with the varying needs of students. Likewise, the rise of technological advancements have made educational institutions around the world shift from traditional methods of classroom instruction...

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