Admission Procedure

First Evaluation

Completed applications are evaluated by the Enderun Admissions Office on a rolling basis. Candidates shall be informed, either by telephone or through the high school guidance counselor, of interview and examination schedules within two weeks after submission of completed applications.

Written Examination

The interview and the written examination are indispensable steps in the admission process. All applicants must take the exam on the scheduled date. In case the applicant won’t be available on those dates, please coordinate with the Admissions Office for a special exam schedule. A testing fee of PhP 500 shall be submitted together with the admission requirements.

Personal Interview

The interview may come before or after the examination schedule. During this step, the Admissions Committee, composed of members of the Enderun administration, faculty, and admissions staff, evaluates potential students based on their level of interest in the global business and hospitality industry, as well as their maturity level, academic potential, interpersonal skills, and leadership potential.


Admissions decisions are based on the results of the written application, the examination, and the interview, taken as a whole. In lieu of the entrance exam, Enderun Colleges also acknowledges ACT or SAT scores. The Admissions Committee shall make a final decision whether to admit, reject, or wait-list the candidate. All candidates shall be informed in writing of the Committee’s decision.