Student Life

Activities & Events

Senior High School Students are exposed to various activities that cater to their overall development. They are also given the opportunity to partake in college campus wide activities allowing them to interact with the entire Enderun population.

  • The Leadership Training Program is designed to empower students and develop the essential skills needed in the 21st century. These skills can help them influence, motivate, and achieve exceptional performance in school, in practical life situations, and eventually, in their chosen workplace. The program aims to strengthen their techniques in managing performance, to provide them with a great understanding of responsibilities, and to maximize peer interaction and communication. The leadership training course offers a tool-kit of ideas to increase leadership-management competencies and raise social awareness.
  • The SHS Ball is an annual end-of-year event for Enderun senior high school students. It highlights interaction amongst students in a formal setting as well as uniquely themed entertainment that features live music and performances. It is a perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and celebrate the year that was.
  • SHS Exposure/Field Trip enables the students to experience an integral part of the academic program. It provides hands-on experience related to the topic or concept being discussed in the program. It also offers unique opportunities for learning that are not limited to the four corners of a classroom
  • Titan’s Week is a week long event organized by the student government. Students compete in a variety of sports competitions, individual competitions and experience Enderun’s school spirit as a whole.

Student Organizations

  • Student Government- Senior High School has 1 representative that is elected to the Student Government to represent the needs of senior high school students.
  • ARI- The official co-curricular organization for the ABM students.
  • Enact- The Organization that coordinates with Social Orientation for Community Development initiatives of the college.
  • Cultura- The multi-cultural and international organization.
  • Anyo- The theater and performing arts organization .
  • Zonta- A global organization that promotes the advancement of women worldwide through service and advocacy.
  • E-Chrome- The information technology organization that promotes information technology and digitization.
  • Enderun Care- The sustainability organization that promotes environmental awareness and green initiatives.
  • First Edition- The library organization that promotes arts and literature.
  • Music Cast- The official music organization that promotes talents and skills in all aspects of music through performance.


Senior High School Students are given the option to join Enderun’s Varsity and Club Sports.

  • Varsity Sports
    • Men & Women’s Basketball
    • Men & Women’s Futsal
    • Men & Women’s Volleyball
    • Pep Squad/ Dance Crew
  • Club Sports
    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Badminton
    • Tennis
    • Table Tennis